About Us

One-to-One Institute is a national non-profit organization that grew out of Michigan’s successful, statewide one-to-one initiative, Freedom to Learn. Based on research and best practices, One-to-One Institute offers expertise and hands-on experience in all aspects of developing educators’ 21st century learning environments and related skills. OTO’s services include professional development and programs related to one-to-one projects, technology enhanced learning environments, sustainability, leadership and meaningful instruction/curriculum technology integration. Click the following link for more information about One-to-One Institute’s Programs and Services.

Founded in 1992, the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), a national non-profit organization, is the premier voice in education technology leadership. CoSN’s mission is to serve as the national organization for K-12 technology leaders who use technology strategically to improve learning.

CoSN’s media partner on one-to-one projects is T.H.E. Journal/101 Communications.

One-to-One Information Resources is grateful for the work done by CoSN’s Taking TCO to the Classroom project and the three One-to-One TCO/VOI case studies which explore the costs and benefits of one-to-one student laptop computing at these three districts. CoSN’s TCO project is supported by the generosity of these corporate sponsors: Apple, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, and Intel.

CoSN and the One-to-One Institute formed a national One-to-One Steering Committee to build a learning community among major, existing one-to-one state, regional, and district level programs to share lessons learned and best practices. The group continues to meet regularly to explore ways to expand the knowledge about one-to-one programs among those who have started and those who are considering one-to-one programs.

Members currently include:

  • Barbara Allen, Lemon Grove School District, CA
  • Lloyd, Brown, Henrico Schools, VA
  • Anita Givens, Technology Immersion Project, TX
  • Keith Krueger, CoSN, DC
  • Darryl LaGace, Lemon Grove School District, CA
  • Bette, Manchester, Maine Dept. of Education, ME
  • Leslie Wilson, One-to-One Institute, MI
  • Bob Moore, Blue Valley School District, KS
  • Alice Owen, Irving ISD, TX

SRI International was the original developer of this website under a project funded by the National Science Foundation. The funding for the project was concluded in early 2006. Following conversations with the Center for Education Policy at SRI International, CoSN and the One-to-One Institute determined that the original Web site should be continued to the best of our abilities. Therefore, CoSN and the One-to-One Institute have joined forces to maintain and update the content that was originally developed by SRI’s Ubiquitous Computing Evaluation Consortium. We offer our gratitude to SRI for its original work on the Web site through March 2006 and to NSF for underwriting the original project from 2004 through 2006.