Common Tasks for Daily Office Cleaning

Daily Office Cleaning

Benefits of Office Cleaning

A tidy and clean office is a cost-efficient way of investing in your people and improving output. Research shows that sickly workers do cost you a lot of money. Regularly scheduled office cleaning lessens the chance of your workers picking up a cold virus or fly by 80 percent. Because daily office cleaning gets rid of 62 percent of the virus contamination on your workplace surfaces, you can look forward to about a forty-six decrease in absenteeism.

Once people call out sick, the unplanned or unwanted absences interrupt your office and can result in a 54 percent drop in output or productivity. Even worse, if your workers come to work accompanied by their flu or cold symptoms, the result is a three to eight percent decline in the overall performance. That is a lot of aspirin, cough suppressant, and tissues. By calling facility management company for daily office cleaning service, you are not adding a luxury line item to your budget. Instead, you are generating income.

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Types of Office Cleaning Tasks

Carpet Steam Cleaning

In obtaining the longest possible wear out of office carpet or rug, it must be cleaned daily or on a regular basis. Carpet collects dust and grime due to the heavy foot traffic that if taken for granted can lead to allergies and rashes to your workers and customers as well. Call a facility management company for a reliable and regular carpet steam cleaning service. They have the best and state of the art tools to make the process easy and quick, so your company is not disrupted by soggy rug or carpet.

Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning is performed utilizing combined fiber mops that are immersed in the right cleaning solutions. Care is always taken to make sure the solution is measured to make the right concentration. What is more, vacuuming and brushing are done, paying particular attention to hard to reach areas. Great care is taken to avoid harming floor surface and materials. A tidy floor not just enhances or boosts the appearance of the business, but it also increases productivity because your workers are always present and healthy to do their job.

Window Cleaning Service

Unclean windows can be harmful or damaging to the image and reputation of the business. Hiring facility management company for window cleaning service will get rid of this issue. Service providers employ well-trained window cleaners that offer an efficient, safe as well as cost-efficient service to bring back the shine on your premises. This service covers all areas such as tracks, sills, as well as screens, giving the windows of your office an ultimate treatment.

High Pressure Cleaning

For those laboriously or difficult soiled areas, a high pressure cleaning service can be the most efficient way of cleaning. Car parks, industrial warehouses, driveways, footpaths, toilet areas, patios, walls as well as tiled areas are cleaned effectively and easily with the application of specific chemicals as well as state of the art tools and equipment.

Break Room Cleaning

It must come as no surprise that your office break room is one of the areas that need office cleaning service the most on a daily basis. It is the place where a lot of workers eat, cook, store and leave food. Messiness can result in workers transferring virus or germs and having an allergic reaction. That is why break room cleaning service is all-inclusive:

  • Cleaning the coffeemakers, microwaves as well as refrigerators
  • Wiping down cabinets, countertops, chairs as well as tables
  • Sanitizing the outside handles of appliances
  • Checking as well as replacing roll paper towels
  • Cleaning the faucet, sink as well as it handles.

This cleaning is very much essential in the wellbeing of your workers. Healthy and active workers increase the output or productivity of your company.

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Common Area Office Cleaning Service

Some businesses have social or common areas outside of break room and meeting room as well as a waiting room for customers and guests. Facility management company understands how vital your customer’s first impression is, so their expert and skilled cleaners/staff go above and beyond their regular trash removal as well as floor cleaning service to make sure a clean and professional setting. This service includes:

  • Cleaning glass doors and furniture
  • Cleaning exposed woodwork
  • Switch off the lights in the room as well as locking the room.

Restroom Cleaning Service

Maybe one of the essential parts of office cleaning services is the cleaning of the restroom. It does not matter if the rest of the office space is clean and tidy if the bathrooms are dirty. Facility management company employs commercial cleaners always carry full restroom checklists as they want to ensure that their customers never have any complaints on their cleanliness. On a daily basis, cleaners will:

  • Change the bag and empty trash bin
  • Clean and sanitize toilet sets, bowls and handles
  • Clean and sanitize urinals/handles
  • Clean and sanitize room doorknobs and handles and paper holders as well
  • Check soap dispenser, air freshness, paper towels, toilet paper, and refill or replace if needed.


A healthier and cleaner work setting helps a company’s bottom line using attracting new clients and boosting output and productivity. Hiring a facility management company to perform office cleaning will free you up to focus on your company without ever having to worry about how your workplace looks.