Digital Education

Digital Education

Creating An Environment for Digital Education

We are now in a digital age where people are using smart phones, browsing on internet for everything you can think of.  That is why, i truly believe that this generation requires fast learning capability and vast internet skill in order to achieve great success.

In this article, I will share some of the important knowledge one should acquire in our era.

Create a Website

Web Design Skill

Being able to create your own blog and sharing your knowledge is one way of expressing your true self. We have so much liberty to share anything, from our thoughts to our journey in life. We can use such skill to share about the business we have too. Perhaps we began to run our own small local business online. This website design skill can make our life more colourful.

Web design skill is easily learned using many of the videos from YouTube, where generous developer shares the simple setup of blog using WordPress. There are many platforms where you can easily setup a blog in a short few click of buttons. Most hosting provider install WordPress or other open source web platform for easy installation.

Search Engine Optimisation Skill

When you have a great blog or website, you need to make sure you have audience. Without audience, your popularity can’t be grown. It’s very useful to know search engine optimisation or SEO in short, as you can make your website found organically in Google, Yahoo or Bing. The search engines pick up keywords and content and find the most relevant content for what people are searching for. If you can master the skill of SEO, you can become quite popular online with your rich web content.

Social Media Marketing

This is the ability to market yourself or your brand on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are hundreds of different social media platforms. You can probably find most of these online. The reason why social media is important is because of the viral effect it can get when someone share your piece of content online. People post interesting and funny content to encourage people to share to other people online. With that, you can drive traffic to your website.

Video Production and Marketing

Video is the most talked about media these days. With the social media now using video a lot more, we see that people are enjoying a video more than a written content.
People maybe getting lazy or just like the old days, where people still prefer to sit down in front of TV than reading a book. We uses video in engaging way to attract attention and ease of consuming information. That makes video marketing a must to be put into digital marketing.

Video creation

Content Marketing Skill
With all of the above that I mention earlier, there is nothing compare to being able to create great content that is engaging to your audience. It is like trying to win the most attention online. The better you are at this, the more shares you get on social media and the more traffic you get to your blog. Learning to master the power of content writing can be learned online from several post talking about it.

In conclusion, there are so many skills that one can learn and master. We should learn the basics of all the above and make the most of what we are best with. You can one day put these to good use when you try to do personal branding or for your own business.