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This site will be useful for educators interested in knowing where other school districts/states are undertaking one-to-one initiatives, as well as background information, news, announcements and research about one-to-one teaching and learning programs for K-12 schools and organizations across the United States.

This site is brought to you by the One-to-One Institute and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) . The original site (“The Ubiquitous Computing Evaluation Consortium”) was developed by SRI International under a project funded by the National Science Foundation. In March 2006, SRI International generously transferred the site to CoSN and the One-to-One Institute.

It is estimated that thousands of students will participate in some type of one-to-one initiative this year. Clearly, one-to-one computing is spreading in our nation’s schools. Education, policy and technology decision-makers need unbiased information in order to assist them in deciding about which, if any, one-to-one approach they should pursue. This website is provided as a free site of vendor neutral information on K-12 one-to-one computing. We do not endorse or promote any particular product, service or approach around one-to-one. It is our hope that the information provided here will facilitate more wise decisions about if and when to deploy one-to-one strategies that meet the needs of their local communities.

Why Consider One-to-One? Why Now?

In a one-to-one teaching and learning environment, each participating student is provided access to a personal computing device on a direct and continuous basis throughout the school day, and beyond, if possible. Students do not share laptops with other students at the same point in time. It is the intent of one-to-one programs to empower students with “anytime and anywhere” learning. When a student is in class, the laptop is in their immediate proximity and is used regularly and with purpose. (Source: What is One-to-One? From the One-to-One Institute)

More and more states, school districts and schools are beginning to understand the power of one-to-one teaching and learning. This site can be a useful resource to learn about one-to-one programs and to share information about lessons learned and best practices.

A Complete Guide to One-to-One Computing in the K-12 Environment

This guide has been developed for educators implementing one-to-one computing initiatives. It covers the challenges that one-to-one programs face and highlights areas that are imperative for a successful program. Highlighted in this document isMichigan’s Freedom to Learn (FTL) program and it’s successes as well as information about FTL’s evaluation process. Included is a section describing the need to understand Total Cost of Ownership and to define measurable benefits of the one-to-one program. The Value of Investment (VOI) assessment to sell and sustain a one-to-one project with measurable benefits is critical to selling and sustaining many of these programs. A Complete Guide to One-to-One Computing in the K-12 Environment describes these and other specific points of interest.

One to One Programs in the News!

Michigan’s Freedom to Learn program has been a pioneer in the area of one-to-one computing nationally. The experience and resources shared by the team behind this project are of great value to others who are interested in enriching their school, district or state program with one-to-one teaching and learning.

– Judy Salpeter, Editor, K-12 Computing Blueprint

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